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  • What kind of headers do you use to stack up so many shields?

  • Can someone tell me how to make this work. I see 4 Grounds, two Vin, two Vouts and a OFF pin.
    This is how i think it is plug in. Can someone correct me if i am wrong.
    So all grounds get connected to the Negative of the battery and microcontroller.
    Vin is the Positive of the battery.
    Vout goes to positive of the microcontroller.
    The Off pin goes to a GPIO and i set it to 5V to turn off the power to the microcontroller

  • Just build this. This is a GREAT SMD PROJECT. Specially for people that have MUSIC, ELECTRONICS and HACKING as a hobby.
    On the side note... What ever you do don't use your solder sucker on smd resistors

  • Why would you need this? Too little current... and even if you boost the current, will you have enough voltage to drive anything?

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