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  • I bought this printer directly from Lulzbot after getting an e-mailed ad from sparkfun of course. Needless to say, so far I'm very impressed. After hearing horror stories of cheaper printers, I was very impressed that I essentially unpacked the printer and was able to test print the sample model in a matter of a few minutes. No need to fiddle with custom adjustments.

    It was very important to me that the printer not tie me to any specific proprietary software packages or fillament bundles. I can generate an STL model from any means that I wish and simply load the model in cura which translates it into gcode and controls the printer. And since everything is open source, I can even make small adjustments to the software myself if I obsolutely need to.

    I like the fact that the package only contains a sample just to test out the printer. Why should I pay for a big role of filement and don't like the material or color? I'm glad that it's a separate purchase.

    The only real complaint that I have which I understand is true for most 3D printers is the printing speed. I'm mostly using the printer to make custom enclosures for custom printed circuit boards and a medium size box takes several hours to make. But I understand that's a small price to pay so that I can design the box and electronics together rather then trying to design the electronics to fit a premade box.

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