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  • As you can see in the photos, there are two B2B connectors. On one is for the video. It has a 1v8 SPI bus to configure the controller and a MPL interface for the pixels. You can drive the latter with a LM2506 and that's fairly straightforward to implement although the part is a leadless LLP in its largest incarnation. That interface gives you 18bit color.
    The second B2B connector is to the touch screen controller. Also 1v8 SPI. During initialization, the touchscreen and host exchange packets of about 80K bytes which tends to rule out using a smaller microcontroller.
    During a touch, the touchscreen will generate an interrupt every 16ms.The host reads 8 bytes which include the length of the payload packet. The payload is 55 bytes for one finger, 83 for two, etc, and has a simple checksum. On the iPhone, the host runs it at a bit clock of 12 Mhz, but I imagine slower would be fine.
    I don't have any information on voltage sequencing, reset lines or anything else beyond the topics I've mentioned, but if anyone is serious about taking this puppy for a drive, I can provide more detail.

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