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  • For rigid tube bending look to the custom PC industry. They've been using it for years and have all sorts of bending jugs, bending cord and the like available for doing it nicely.

    Performance-PCs sells a lot of rigid tube accessories:

  • Is the 12VDC a hard limit? I ask because I intend to use this with a 10-segment bar graph to act as a fuel gauge for my motorcycle but the voltage goes as high as 14.5VDC. Thanks!

  • As cool as this thing is I can't get behind OLED screens. I had a CM Storm Sentinel Advance II gaming mouse that has an OLED screen in it to display DPI And whatnot. Within a year the pixels that got used the most started getting REALLY dim. Keep in mind that the OLED was only on when the mouse was moving. So anytime the PC was just sitting or powered off (~80% of the time) the screen wasn't even on. After a year or so the pixels were dimming to the point where if the display changed you'd get lots of bright pixels and lots of really dim ones and it'd be hard to read.

    Not sure if OLED technology has changed at all but it really left a bitter taste for these little OLED screens that I don't think I'll get over anytime soon. It would suck needing to replace the display in your project after a short time period because it dims so much it becomes unreadable.

  • I powered mine with 3.3V but used 5V for the logic and it still works great:

  • 5v supply or 5v logic? The way I hooked mine up was with 3.3V supply voltage but just ran 5v logic straight from the Arduino. Here's what I built with it:

  • It is strange but I set it up with a 3.3V supply and just used straight 5V logic and it's been working perfectly for several years now.

  • A relay isn't what I want but the MOSFET may work. I essentially want to take the PWM signal from the Arduino and turn it into a variable voltage output to directly power the fan.

  • Can I use this to power a PC fan? For instance I want to be able to use an Arduino to power a standard non-PWM fan using voltage - would this be suitable for a single fan (5-10w max) at 12V?

  • Cool except for the OLED. It will be fun till the OLED's start fading and you can't see anything >_<

  • Didn't watch the vid yet - but is it actually just purple or is it really UV?