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  • What gauge wire are these crimp pins meant to accept?

  • mikegoelzer: Why does the datasheet on this page say "V2.5" but the schematic say "V2"? If I order the item on this page, am I buying v2 or v2.5?
    I'm asking b/c I'm in a space constrained situation where the serial backpack just isn't going to fit. The datasheet (2.5) shows a picture with a backpack (soldered on?), but nothing else on this page suggests that any backpack is required to talk with this device thru 3-wire serial.
    Basically, if I can't accommodate the backpack's size, is it a mistake to buy this?

    Having ordered this exact LCD myself, I can say that aside from the issue mentioned in my other comment, it looks exactly like the picture. No bulky backpack module, everything is on a single board. Pretty sleek, really.
    Also, the mounting holes are too small for the #4-40 screws that most Sparkfun boards will handle. Just FYI, I found this out about 45 seconds ago...

  • Is it just me, or are the solder holes for VDD, GND, and TX near the JST connector too small to accept standard pin headers? Perhaps I just need to use a little more force? I see that one of the pictures of this module shows what appear to be standard headers installed in that location, so I am confused..

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