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  • I love it whe you show actual failures and explain why the failure happens. Plus watchin the caps blow was a great way to start my day. Gosh, I love this stuff, now I just gotta figger out why...I was giggling like a kid when he popped the electrolytic.. Wheelchair Bob

  • As an electrnics newcomer, I support and believe that Open Source is the way to go. Without it learners and newcomers such as myself will suffer lack of transparency and encounter additional hurdles to surmount in an already difficult learning environment. OS offers transparency, adaptability and explanation while employing off the shelf components and technologies in new and inovative ways, If OS is not embraced and exploited, inovation may be stifled or reduced. Just my .02 from a newbies point of view.

  • First board I ever assembled. sure enuff 4.94 and 3.29V, first try. Took me a while to figure out the resistors since they are tiny, but SF ROCKS!!!!. Now on to the PICAXE 18X High Power Project Board and beyond!!!! Too cool. and the LED is super bright, just like they said. I'm jazzed!!!!