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  • In the instructions, it says to cut the usb host shield PCB trace going to IO pin 10. Instead of trying to cut a little bitty trace on the board, I just broke off pin 10 from the header and jumpered pin 6 over to pin 10. The problem I was having before this was I was getting an error running the wifi shield examples, saying that the wifi shield didn't exist. ( Everything works fine without the USB shield. ). I'm still getting that error. I'm not even loading the code for the USB shield at this point, I just want to see if I can recognize the WIFI shield with the USB shield mounted. Any thoughts?

  • I have to agree with several of the comments below. This item is sub standard for what I have come to expect from Sparkfun. In my case, I'm running attached to a uno. The examples work, but there are garbage or noise lines all over the screen. They get worse as time goes on. I think it's probably a damaged display and not the code. Can anyone recommend a better ( more reliable ) shield with a display. I'm not picky, monochrome is fine for what I'm doing.

  • sure would be nice if yall recorded the classes or something and sold them as a kit for those of us not in the area.

  • Any thoughts about moving the RJ45 connection out a little bit more so the protoshield can fit on top of this. I think it just needs to move out maybe a quarter of an inch or so.

  • Wonderful little product. How about setting up pass thru headers on the icsp pins. I wanted to use mine with an Ethernet shield and because of the size of the ethernet shield, this has to go in the middle. The Ethernet shield requires the ICSP pins and even though the holes are there, there aren't any pass thru headers for it. Other than that, great little product.

  • Thanks so much for this. Only problem I ran into is that displaying the numbers by decimal can be a bit confusing. I'm using it to display the time ( 24Hr Time), and when my clock switched past 19:59 to 20:00, it really went to 1A:00. This caused the display to go nutz. with the 1A and trying to realize that 0x00 was really something I wanted to display. I switched to sending ascii representation and everything seems to be working fine.

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