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  • Thanks! I'll give that a try and report back when I can get some time to get it done.

  • James,

    Mind sharing your I2C code? I'm also using a PIC32 and have not have any luck getting the display to respond. I'm using a UBW32 board and am getting great signals to the display, but no response and I'm getting NACK's for every byte sent. I'm wondering what SCL rate you're using. I've tried a range from 3 kHz up to 100 kHz with the same lack of response. Like you I'm using no pull up resistors and there is nothing else on I2C2 except the display. I set the TRIS register correctly since my logic analyzer is showing good signals to the device. Thanks in advance! Regards, Ed Long WA4SWJ

  • Guys - Has anyone been able to get these modules working on the I2C bus? I am using a Sparkfun UBW32 PIC32 board on I2C2 with code compiled by the Microchip C32 compiler and am getting good wave forms to the device, but I'm getting NACK's back for each byte sent. I2C address is 0x71 and I'm sending that along with digit data with no luck. I've also tried the various commands with no luck. The waveforms are correct, but display defaults to 0000 and I'm not able to write anything to it. I've tried SCL rates from 5 kHz up to 100kHz with no luck. Any ideas? Is the I2C section even functional? Also, just for info, I2C addresses with a '1' as the LSB are for reading a device. LSB of '0' is for writing. (I tried address 0x70 as well just to see if that would work.) I would try the serial port, but they are already in use with high speed data. Would appreciate any info that might assist. Thanks! -- Ed

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