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  • I2C can be a little tricky with SNAPpy. I have been a satisfies Synapse Wireless customer since mid-early 2010. I do have some examples out there in the wild. (SVN, Synapse forums, etc)

    I'm working on creating various sets of modules to import (Specifically for I2C devices) Expect an initial (read official) release within two weeks. I will edit this post for the URL and post on Synapse forums.

    My initial batch is focused on RTCs, some accelerometers, I2C expanders, and other things that people are sending for modules to be build. I am close to having the BMP085 done, but you can not calculate the reading on a SNAPpy node, due to the signed 16 bit int. So I will have a portal and e10 script for the calculations.

  • Absolutely. For an example, see: Board and addon

    A very old post. But essentially I used to make my own boards for RF100/RF200/RF300's that had "add-on" headers. Then one of the addon boards I made had an atmega32u4 on it. The atmega32u4 handled the more advanced math and logging to uSD card.

    (I don't assemble/sell boards to others anymore) My eagle files are located at: Google code project

  • Multiple vendors sell the SM700 by itself. However since the SM700 is a surface mount part, you will have to make your own PCB. If you goto the Synapse Wireless RF Engine page, there is a place that says "See Pricing". Click on the module Part number and it will display the distributors for that part.

  • This device is not 5 volt tolerant. Something worth mentioning, even though it is in the datasheet, this uses an ATMega128RFA1.

  • The 3 mile LOS is for models that have an RP-SMA antenna. They make many different modules: Synapse Wireless RF Engines The 3 mile LOS range comes from models that end in PD1.

    I can not stress enough that this module is so much more that a simple xbee replacement. Yes, these modules ship with a SNAPpy script that acts like an XBee. However you can reprogram this module.

  • Don't forget to go download Synapse Wireless Portal from their forum

    These modules can do much more than be a simple Xbee replacement. You can program this an other Synapse Wireless modules over the air using their "SNAPpy", a stripped down python. I have replaced many arduino/xbee project with just an RF200 and sensors.

    I'm glad to see Sparkfun start carrying a product from Synapse Wireless. I am not an employee, just a happy customer of Synapse Wireless.

  • Nice Write up. Curious about one thing: So you program a hex file with the bootloader and the blink sketch. Do you test to make sure all the pins work? Is that another jig or process?

  • Is anyone keeping track of all the little library additions? (Thank you Ryan Owens and SparkFun Electronics for providing a library to begin with.) Along with other people, will a Breakout board be released?
    Also, this chip support I2C, Is there any reason SPI was used instead? When you start adding ethernet, sdcard, etc SPI and other pins get eaten up quickly.
    Thank you,
    J.C. Woltz

  • Not to take anything away from this board. But Synapse Wireless makes some firmware for the ATMega128RFA1 that run on this board and is intended for mesh networking. They also make two products around this chip, the RF200 and the SM200. While it may not sound appealing initially, it is very nice. You can upload code over the air. The code you program the nodes is python. There are nice features such as rpc calls that make it a very flexible system. If nothing else, check them out as an improved xbee replacement.

  • Good fine, url is broken, but is here:
    Grrrr....sparkfun is removing the underscores

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