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  • Has anyone jumpered the C4 and C5 pads to make unity gain voltage followers?

  • With no responses had to ‘do it myself’; looks like there’s not much activity on this item.
    The flashing status led indicates a fault condition; the most likely cause is a timeout of one of the three timers on the MCP7384xx chip. Based on the 0.1ufd timing capacitor used in this charger, these periods are:
    Preconditioning safety timer – 1 hour
    Fast charge safety timer – 1.5 hours
    Elapsed time termination timer – 3 hours.
    The upshot: if your battery is not fully charged in 1.5 hours of fast charge or 3 hours total (preconditioning + fast charge), the charger goes into fault condition (blinking status led) and stops charging.
    Some of the messages suggest using this charger for the 6 Ah LiPoly’s, but a fully discharged battery will take several (manual) resets of the charger to fully charge. Sparkfun finesses this point (by not mentioning it), but does list the 6 Ah battery in the Related Products section for the charger, and lists the charger under the battery. There should be a caveat!

  • During charging the status led frequently starts flashing and charging stops. Only reset is by power off/on.
    I see other comments about flashing status led, but no response from Sparkfun.
    Does anyone know why the status led flashes????