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  • It's a shame that the drill holes and headers don't quite line up with a veroboard! nice design otherwise, glad to see the 4 holes, makes it much much easier to have a solid mount

  • I'm having some problems with this module. I've got it wired up with CLK to ground, VIO and VDD tied together (to 3.3v), interrupt linked to a JN5148 microcontroller with no pullup, clk tied to ground via the little jumper and SDA and SCL connected also to JN5148 with 3.3k Pullups. I2C is in 400kHz mode.
    Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't. I added an LED which is blinked every time the interrupt is triggered which appears to be on solidly when the module is working. It seems really sensitive to capacitance - if I touch my finger against the int/ground pins on the module it either makes the module start producing data or it stops it - very bizarre!
    I've had a look at the output of the int pin using a bus pirate in logic mode. When data isn't being produced the int pin isn't pulsing. I've tried 100nF caps to decouple the supply but it makes no difference. Also tried using a battery and had the same problem.
    Anyone got any ideas abou what might be causing this erratic behaviour?!

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