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  • While Alan raises some valid concerns, I think we should give SparkFun some credit for sharing their firmware code. It's easy to pick apart SparkFun's design and code when they give you easy access to it, but most manufacturers won't do the same, so you have no idea what the quality of code is in their products.

    That said, I will admit SparkFun doesn't always produce the highest of quality products. However, their market is the hobbyist who can't afford products with rigorous QA. As a compromise, they make it easy to fix or improve by providing easy access to schematics, layouts, and source code. If a customer still isn't happy, they are always generous with shipping replacements or offering refunds.

  • The datasheet given on this page is for the similar, but different, socket by the same manufacturer. You will notice that the socket in the picture only has three shielding connections, while the one in the datasheet has four. Since the part in the SFE Eagle Library is based off of this datasheet, it also has the wrong footprint; however, the two parts are similar enough that it still works.
    The correct datasheet can be found on the manufacturer's website:

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