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  • AgustinGS thank you for your answer. I did check the cables and I saw the pulses on my scope. They look ok. I did a little bit more testing. I connected 2 LED back to back with 1K resistor each as one set of coils and another set of LEDs for the second set of coils. I was able to see how the signals change per set of coils when I send pulses from my Signal generator from low and high frequency (couple of HZ to 10Khz). I was able to see that always both set of coil are energized when pulses are not going in the easy drive. +5V / 36 Ohms aprox 140 mA. times two I was able to read aprox 280 mA total from my power supply. Now, 12V/36 aprox 334 mA times 2 aprox 670 mA. I think that is what is going on the easydrive chip can take that current but it needs an aluminum on top to dissipate heat. The motor can not take 670 mA. It gets very hot unless it is hooked to some kind of heat dissipation thing. I would say the 330 mA rated is per phase. I had to use the sleep mode to turn the voltage off from the motor. If somebody knows more details about this system combination: stepper motor (ROB-09238) to easy drive (ROB-10267) or have some comments on what I wrote please let me know.

  • Hi, I need some help. I have connected a stepper motor (ROB-09238) to easy drive (ROB-10267) and the current supplied to the easy goes up to 640 mA on 12V. The motor gets really hot (still works) but I would like to know if this is a normal operation. Signals at DIR and STEP are TTL. The motor coils are well connected. The pulses frequency can go from 100 Hz to 2 KHz and it is the same situation. I have replaced the motor and the easy and it is the same. Thank you.

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