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  • Is there a good & affordable preheater that pairs well with this?

  • It turns out that if you dig into the avrdude documentation, the ports lpt1, lpt2, and lpt3 are hard-coded to addresses 0x378, 0x278, and 0x3BC. My PCI parallel port is not at any of those addresses.
    The command line interface allows for this case, so change line 204 in the makefile to the address of your port
    I'm not sure if it makes a difference, but I ended up with line 43 in the makefile as:
    MCU = atmega328p
    instead of 168
    Hopefully this helps those who follow after.

  • For what it's worth, the I/O range for the parallel port is B8A8-B8AF, I guess not the typical address for an LPT port from reading the other posts.

  • I'm trying to program the ATmega328P using this process, and have not had success yet. I had to add a PCI card to get parallel and serial ports, and haven't been able to verify those ports yet. The XP device manager claims the parallel port is functioning and located at lpt3.
    I've checked voltages and SPI connections at least 4 times, and have tried a few variations of lpt port and MCU name in the makefile, but still am getting the "AVR device not responding" error.
    I can't tell if there is any major difference between the ATmega328P and the 168 that is the default in the makefile. Any ideas?

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