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  • It looks cool, but I'm not a fan of these cloud-connected, closed-source personal assistants. The fact that they need to upload everything I say to Amazon/Apple/Google is ridiculous. Accurate, offline speech recognition is not that resource intensive.

  • The description is correct. The top right yellow section of the dial is DC, the bottom right white section is AC.

  • But no one even knows what the 3DR Rover platform can do (at least, I can't find any mention of it on Google). It could be beyond what homebrew teams are capable of and yet 5 people are going to be able to take advantage of exclusive tech, not because they had the skill to build it, but because they submitted a form quicker than everyone else. Look at it this way: it's like NASCAR giving 5 teams brand new, never-before-seen engines and then telling the people who worked their butts off fine-tuning their own rigs "Oh, sorry, you should have gotten here faster." I can't see that going over very well.

  • I'll admit that I've never been to an AVC, so I'm not entirely familiar with the rules, but the free 3DR Rover bit sounds completely unfair. The organizer of the competition is going to gift equipment that no one else has the ability to get their hands on to 5 competitors just because they happened to sign up at the exact right time? I mean, it might be OK if those 5 people were to compete in their own separate category, but the post doesn't make that clear.

  • As far as I know, the red boxes aren't a registered SparkFun trademark. And they shouldn't be, because it would go against what they just said about overly-broad trademarks. It would be a different story altogether if the other boxes had a SparkFun logo on them, because that is trademarked. But you shouldn't be able to just say "We own the rights to all red boxes."

  • Please read the article. They're donating the Fluke meters to schools.

  • No. The meters already have a SparkFun logo on them and CBP is being very strict about the meters not entering the US without changing the color of the housing, which SparkFun can't afford to do on such short notice.

  • Except SparkFun isn't trying to make a knock-off. A multimeter is a multimeter. There aren't a lot of different directions you can go with their design. I could understand where Fluke is coming from if these had a Fluke logo on them or even no logo at all. But they very clearly have a SparkFun logo. This is just another case of a large company taking advantage of our screwed up IP laws to stomp on small businesses. Or at the very least, it's a case of the USPTO enforcing a vague trademark description too broadly.

  • It would also drive the price up due to the cost of manufacturing the face plates and the amount of time the meters would have to sit in CBP's warehouse (don't forget that their supplier refuses to take them back and CBP won't release them in the US as-is). For a single batch of meters, it probably isn't worth it.

  • I realize you guys can't really say anything negative about a company that I assume supplies and supports some of the tools you use, but as a consumer: Fluke and the USPTO can shove it. This country's intellectual property system is a cancer that does nothing but hurt the people who can't afford to fight back.

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