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  • Hi Sparkfun !

    do you have any simple example of shemactics where we could power up this gps with one transistor and a microcontroller? or something like that?

    i bought this one two years ago. it work very well, but i m looking for a perfect start up from a ┬ÁC !

    thanks !!

  • +1

  • Nice product !!

  • There leds are fragile but very impressive, i burned two of them, because my power supply was set with an offset of 2volt!!

  • Mmh.. I discovered that 18FxxJxx and dsPiC30Fxx whom had 40Lead DIP that exist too in QFN 44Lead aren’t compatible with the ZIF Socket, their pin aren’t the same that other pics,
    Pins pgc and pgd are at pins 32 and 31, and not 40 and 39! ICSP is the only way to programming it!=)