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  • The timing of this post is perfect! Just this past weekend, I was repairing a hole in an old (favorite) pair of jeans. After almost two hours of hand stitching a patch, I thought "Joe, you really need to get and learn to use a sewing machine." Of course my gadget-head brain immediately gravitated to the computer controlled models that can sew 67 billion kinds of stitches!

  • Typo in the photo caption.

  • I know this reply doesn't have anything to do with the new products post, and that you guys already announced it a couple months ago, but I finally paid a visit to my local MicroCenter today (Cambridge, Ma). It was a real kick to see all the retail Sparkfun products on display! I didn't really need anything, but that didn't stop me from buying a Simon kit! :-)

  • Now where did I leave my copy of the "TTL Cookbook"?

  • Known locally as the "Mass Ave bridge" - the road is Massachusetts Avenue. Smoot marks are on the western sidewalk. The bridge was overhauled/rebuilt during the mid eighties, and the construction contract called for preserving Smoot marks. :-)

  • I dig how the hair protection nets are shaped like Chairman Mao hats.

  • That's awesome news! There's a Microcenter about five miles from me, in Cambridge, MA. I'll have to check it out. Hopefully, this isn't the "24th store". :-)

  • How did you get your retail stuff distributed into Venezuela? I'd figure they'd be on some BS no-trade list somewhere.

  • I have the older version of the Jr. as well. Great tool - it's an important fixture on my workbench. It's also been one of the key items in improving my soldering technique, in addition to a Weller adjustable iron, a flux pen, an Optivisor, and PLENTY of light.
    My only gripe about the Panavise Jr. has been that the max opening width of its jaws always seem to be juuuuuust a tad too narrow for what I need to hold. Well, serendipitously, only just this morning, I came across a mod that fixes everything!

  • You should send gramps to the farm, where he can run around and play with all the other reflow ovens.

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