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  • I fixed the problem, there wasn't enough capacitance and the bypass caps on the FTDI were making the open log work. Make sure you have bypass caps on your power supply, I added a 10uf about 10cm of wire away and a 0.1uf right on the header of the open log and it started working perfectly.

  • I am using the open log to log weather and cosmic ray data once a minute. I have an Atmega 328 connected on the bread board to the open log for data logging, and to a FTDI header for programming. The open log log's data fine when I have the FTDI adaptor (DEV-09716) attached, but doesn't log anything when It isn't attached. I assume I have a hardware failure, and I forgot to connect something to the open log that the FTDI is connecting for me, but I checked and the TX and RX pins are connected properly, and so are GND and VCC. Right now my only guess is that the FTDI is putting more capacitance on the power supply that causes it to start working, but I haven't tested it yet. However when I measured the voltage W/ the FTDI adaptor both the TX and RX lines sat at 4.7 to 4.9V and W/O it was 3.3 for both of them. Can I please get some help?

  • Yum!

  • Really want those sunglasses but have to do work, thank god I got a viking helmet to protect me from the sun!

  • I have a video explaining how to fix the problems with this battery pack being to tight to hold the batteries here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9KC2-_whjw

  • what is the voltage rating for the 1uf caps in this kit?

  • does any one know anything about where fs is on this display i see it in the block diagram and in the T6963C datasheet but not in the pin out,
    any info. would be greatly appreciated