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Farm raised experiential multiply pathways to freedom type of activist, artist, learner, teacher, friend, dancer. I love Hip-Hop. I love people. I love new experiences. I love working here.


Educational Outreach Coordinator


OpenWorld Learning, SparkFun Electronics

Spoken Languages

English, Spanish, Beatbox, Turntablism, Truth (regional dialect), Cat (I speak Dog too, but all I know how to say is AGGRESSIVE! AGGRESSIVE!) and occasionally I swear in Valencian.

Programming Languages

I once limped through an intro to programming course, twice.


Center for Knowledge Communication @ UMASS, PVTA, Anti-Instrumentalists, Camp Trucking, Primos’s Pizza, Wings over Amherst, KGNU, Five Poets on Love, OpenWorld Learning, Phoenix Asylum, Robin Hill Studios


University of Massachusetts




Hip-Hop, origami, billiards, cooking, science fiction, snowboarding, robots, poetry, driving anything, rollerblading, animation, reading, Technology, getting away from Technology, barbecuing, longboarding, horseshoes, ceramics, comic books, game design, animals, music, frisbee, hats, Education.





  • These are the guys that brought us Logo, MicroWorlds, Scratch and now this. Awesome. In my humble opinion I think kids should be exposed to computer languages as young as possible since computer languages utilize the same parts of the brain that spoken languages do when one is learning them. The younger the exposure the better! Plus- if you learn the basics of one or two computer languages (even GUI programming) then the concepts transfer very easily to other languages (Think Spanish and Portuguese). Plus kids LOVE computer games, robots and animation so it’s easy to get them started, then you just stand back and watch while they speed away.

  • Thanks for the interest guys. I’m the relatively new Educational Outreach Coordinator and I’m pleased to tell you that eventually there will be some soldering videos, as well as (local to start with) traveling workshops. No, we will not be bringing dragons or robots with us, but we do hope to hang out and teach some soldering to anyone interested. We are also going to be expanding our class selection beyond soldering, but soldering definitely is the foundation of electronics tinkering. So even if you can’t attend, get your hands on a soldering iron, teach yourself or ask a knowledgeable geek to chill with you.

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