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  • After playing with the alc sensor which was awsome this one was rather a dissapointment.
    To get any readings you must have some sort of an airflow(fart flow) directly on the unit. In other you must fart directly on it. If you fart 0.5m away it will not detect anything.
    Also when i touch the sensor, or blow on it the AD value goes up 2-300.
    Anything I’m doing wrong, or is it simply not designed to detect farts?
    My normalised value is ~200 using a 10k resistor…

  • Sample to get you started. Simply connect rx pin to pin 1(rx), and apply power to the LCD.


    define txPin 1

    SoftwareSerial LCD = SoftwareSerial(0, txPin);
    // since the LCD does not send data back to the Arduino, we should only define the txPin
    void setup()
    pinMode(txPin, OUTPUT);
    delay (1000);
    void loop()
    LCD.print(“line 1”);
    LCD.print(“line 2”);
    void selectLineOne(){ //puts the cursor at line 0 char 0.
    LCD.print(0xFE, BYTE); //command flag
    LCD.print(128, BYTE); //position
    void selectLineTwo(){ //puts the cursor at line 0 char 0.
    LCD.print(0xFE, BYTE); //command flag
    LCD.print(192, BYTE); //position
    void clearLCD(){
    LCD.print(0xFE, BYTE); //command flag
    LCD.print(0x01, BYTE); //clear command.

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