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  • How sensitive is this board? I’d love to know if it could be behind some perspex or other plastic barrier and still pick up touches.

  • As with what bdcannon said, this means that your controller is never electrically connected to mains power, meaning that your controller is safe from being fried, and also that you are safe from being fried if you are playing with other parts of your project. It also helps prevent accidentally burning out a port on the MCU because you tried to sink/source too much current to the MCU. Definitely a big plus here. It also helps keep noise from the relays switching on and off from affecting other systems (assuming you have two supplies, one for the relays one for the rest of the system, which isn’t a bad idea if you’re going to do lots of fast switching).

  • I’ve been looking at this board quite a bit, and i’ve got one real question, is it possible to program this board from Linux?