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  • Great video, but too short for the complexity of the subject

    Could you give a few book references? (an also post the links of the videos you talk about)

    I studied this stuff about 10 years ago and I actually remember nearly nothing :S

  • ¿could you give an estimation of when this product will be available again?

  • this looks great!
    Anyway, I'd like to connect directly an encoder to a geared motor. ¿do you know how to do this? It seems you have to remove the geared motor enclosure and then insert the encoder but I'm not sure...

  • Thanks for the information. If you know any paper of document of that project that can be donwloaded It would be great!
    I think control can be even more difficult than trajectory generation. If you want to control property the robot then you have to compute many dynamics equations which is very hard.
    Anyway, trajectory generation in other hard issue, specially if you want to have into account velocities and accelerations for each point.
    Hope I can succed.

  • You are Panamanian so you are the one who has no idea about the English language skills Spaniards have. Furthermore, I am Spanish so I perfectly know how low English language level is here.
    The 'English language' is one of the main issues of the nation. In fact, our current president is unable to speak a word in English and the one who is more likely to become next president doesn't know English neither.
    This is the richest businessman of Spain talking/reading in English
    And this is our president...
    No, it is not a joke, it is real.

  • Most French kids are fluent in English so this seems useless. It is a good idea to translate it into Spanish as most Spaniards don't know English at an acceptable level. I have no problems in helping you with this translation.

  • My next project will be a robot arm like the one in this article. The difference is that mine will be open source and will have full control over velocity and position of joints.
    The way I'm going to try to do it is by hacking the servos removing the controller. Then I will control the servo motors with drivers connected to an arduino that will read the potentiometers of the servos. The arduino will execute a PID controller program.
    ¿do you think this approach is the right one?

  • This book is really good at hobbist mechanics. I have lots of robotics and electronics and this is the thinnest and the most interesting one. The book even has information I have not found in internet!

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