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  • I bought one of those a while ago.
    but it seems that I can't test my pic program without connecting motors to the board...
    without the motors ... LEDs are functionning well ..can anyone tells me why.. ??

  • I recommnad mikroBasic compiler from MikroElektronika
    You can download a demo version -up to 2k hex file- for free
    After you compile your code .. import the hex file produced by the compiler to PICkit2 software that comes with the programmer.. then write it to your chip
    here's the link of mikroBasic

  • PIC16F877A is not in production any more by Microchip
    It's recommended in Microchip website to use PIC16F887 instead of this product
    I'm going to buy lots of things from sparkfun including Cana kit programmer .. and I want to make sure if there is any difference between the two products..
    If there is not .. I'm going to buy PIC16F877A from here ..
    anyway, if there is a difference .. I'm going to buy PIC16F887 from some where else ..
    I hope you respond to me as quick as possible

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