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  • Origami robot. Making a cube out of it gives you the body, and mount points for things like head , arms, legs.

  • Great timing. I confused some people in my g+ feed with a rant about mfg choice to all use different names for SPI lines a few days ago. MOSI connects to MOSI... SDI connects to SDO. It gets really fun when you have MOSI/MISO SDI/SDO and SI/SO all in one project if you don't think about it as you connect things.

  • lol

    What about a vibration motor so you can get the timing down. Yeah Im putting too much thought into this lol

  • So now you have a cool light thingy and siren with no purpose. Sounds like a good enough reason to rig a sensor to the mens bathroom stall so when some one enters it it sounds a siren (perhaps the ones that sound before a nuke test in the old videos) and makes the light do its thing? Could also hook up a gas sensor. . . Probably not my best idea but I laughed so here it is for your pleasure.

  • I think the best part of it is the name .
    Good work !

  • Awesome, I helped a local engineer with his project and now he is going to patten it and asked me to lay out his boards. This is exactly what I was looking for to bridge the gap between beloved express pcb and industry standards. These tutorials are an incredible wealth of useful knowledge and I too recommend updating them. Time to make a few of my boards so any mistakes can be discovered privately.

  • Giggles I caught that ground while playing with the eye button.
    I agree any one can lay out a pcb, the real magicx are making the first one work.
    I tend to put a few threw holes/vias (vcc , gnd , 3.3v , 5v) in. It makes it easy to run threw the circuit with a meter / logic probe and verify sub circuits are working, and it gives you a spot to connect your green wires , if you need them.
    Great tutorial, little outdated but served its purpose well. Thanks for the time to make it.

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