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  • Does anyone know of a protoboard that is a good match for this?

  • My wife's jewelry making ones are better, I guess I will keep stealing hers...
    These will probably be ok after a serious sharpening

  • Does anyone know a source for the 3/16" standoffs? They are perfect for arduinos...

  • Just got mine and it looks great.
    The front left standoff hole is a bit shy of the hole for my mega 2650 (or maybe my mega is off) but it was only about 1/16" and a little wiggling solved it.
    It looks like the screws are supposed to bore into the pilot holes a bit so I recommend driving a screw into each hole once with a solid screwdriver to ready the holes before filling it with electronics.
    Once assembled, it makes a very secure holder for the arduino. I got the ethernet faceplate and it makes a snug and solid fit. There is room for two shields (ethernet plus one) as long as your top shield is not too tall (about the height of a stacking header.
    Having this solid serviceable case will really help me test my device in the field. Thanks guys!!

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