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  • Does anyone have a source for the small USB-C breakout that comes with this board? At first glance it looks like it's adapting a USB-C jack to the same footprint as the popular through-hold USB-A jack. That would be handy to have a pile of those.

  • +1 on needing the wires to come out somewhere other than the bottom. As someone who dabbles in legos myself, I have problems seeing where I would integrate these LEDs into my models. Sure, there's ways I could do it, but it's not right and it's not convenient. These don't integrate well with either the classic studs-on-top legos or the new studless technic parts. The product appears to embrace aesthetics more than function -- it looks like a lego brick, but doesn't sufficiently work like one.

  • Do you still have the footprint for this? I tried your filedropper link, but get redirected to an 'upload' screen. Thanks.

  • Too much emphasis on form over function. It looks neat, and the potential is there, but without an interconnect for communication it just doesn't do much. Sticking an arduino in a square looks like it's more for show, to make the project appear microcontroller-enabled. The communication interconnect is where the real meat of this project is going to be; I hope they get to implement this in version 2.0. Some kind of shared bus ought to do it, with a bit of logic in the squares to talk to the bus. Once someone could have, for example, an arduino square talking to a LCD square and a keyboard square, that's when interesting things will happen.

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