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  • Agreed.
    Other random thoughts: I recently bought some FTDI serial to USB (not from Sparkfun) which were shipped with the headers but I had to solder them on. That was better than having to add them to the order. If I’m going to be buying a shield for an Arduino there is no reason I’m going to not have headers on it. I also think that even if it has headers its not hard to solder wires on as well in the event that you need to.

  • I also noticed that she did not look amused haha.

  • Worked perfectly. Thanks!!

  • Any thoughts?

  • I am using the WebClientSD example sketch with changes to my SSID and password and the ip address instead of

    here is my connect code:

    if ( !client.connect(server, 80) )
        Serial.println(F("Error: Could not make a TCP connection"));

    server is declared like so:

    char server[] = "";

    I just completed a ping which looks like it worked but then reports 0 packets recieved:

    SparkFun CC3000 - WebClientSD
    SD card initialization complete
    CC3000 initialization complete
    Connecting to SSID: DeviceTesting
    IP Address:
    Packets sent: 4
    Packets received: 0
    Min round time (ms): 4294967295
    Max round time (ms): 0
    Avg round time (ms): 0
    Performing HTTP GET of:
    Error: Could not make a TCP connection
  • Did you have to do anything other than just change the pins on the adafruit sketch? I’m not able to get any of the adafruit sketches to work even after changing the pins.

  • I have a local server that I want to access by IP address. I am able to use URLs to download files and what not. But when I use an IP address I get a TCP failure. Any ideas?

  • Try as they might they did not blend in with the card board cut out.

  • OK I was able to fix my problem. I changed the println to print and then added /n at the end of all the print statements. Working now.

  • Any resolution to this? I just got my board to day and its doing the exact same thing.

    EDIT: I have traced the problem to these lines of code: // Make a HTTP GET request client.println(F(“GET /index.html HTTP/1.1”)); client.print(F(“Host: ”)); client.println(server); client.println(F(“Connection: close”)); client.println();

    I can’t find the println in the client library anywhere….this is pretty frustrating…please help.

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