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  • Well technically, you could stream video through, via the serial interface.

    That said, I don't believe video is a standard profile as in general the Bluetooth bandwidth is very low. The 3.0 Mbps rate degrades as a function of distance.

  • So when set to fast speed, the pulse is 30 ms with 130 ms peak to peak time. This means that for the maximum of 50 pulses you'll have to wait about 6.5 seconds to get all the data.

  • That's what my multi-meter said last night when I changed it to nc.

    So I guess I'm good.

  • I believe fall time is really roll time.

    And as for exactly the same rate, that's only true without an atmosphere. That's why on the moon a hammer and a feather will have exactly the same fall time but not so on earth.

    In this case wind resistance (drag) and the resulting terminal velocity should be negligible; however, if you're going to criticize things on being technically correct, you should be technically correct.

    The force is the same, but the resulting drag is different resulting in a different fall time in this case, although the difference is so small you'd have a hard time measuring it.


  • So while the data sheet is truly atrocious, I was able to set mine up last night.

    I still need to check the voltage for signaling. I have a microprocessor I'm going to hook this up to, but the pins are not 12v tolerant.

  • Did you check the pulse width? That should be different.

  • This is the last bit I need to put in my order.

    Building a Raspberry Pi based full size cabinet. I'm adding a coin collection portion so I can collect for charity.

    I've already recompiled Maelstrom so that it has credits and such, I'm now working on Burgerspace. I'll probably release the source when I'm done.

  • No ruler? Or am I just blind?

  • FYI, these will rotate to portrait mode, despite the data sheet saying it won't. You just cannot set the personality to be portrait, meaning images/video are rotated incorrectly.

  • The part number in the description doesn't match the picture:
    XBee XBP24-BZ7PIT-004
    The P in PIT stands for PCB ant. The C in CIT stands for chip ant.

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