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  • Can anyone recommend an external antenna for this? Ideally, pre-wired with a female SMA?

  • Thanks Englandsaurus, really appreciate the explanation. So, just for my own edification, let's say I have a pure yellow signal that I want to detect (i.e. centered right at, say, 570nm with very low bandwidth). The AS7262 would be able to pick that up loud and clear with the dectector centered on that wavelength. With a conventional RGB image sensor, however, the more "pure" that signal is, the worse the signal to noise ratio becomes, because there is less signal bleeding over into the RGB part of the spectrum for the RGB detectors to sense. Am I close? Thanks, again. Plan to buy a few of these to play around with.

  • Sincere Question: Couldn't you do all this with a conventional camera module / sensor + additional signal processing? Are the advantages of this sensor just cost + easier signal processing? Seems cool, just wondering if I'm missing something...

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