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Country: United States

  • Hi
    I’m trying to understand the code you made so I can alter it to do something else. I’m having some difficulty in understanding the Parse_Request function, mainly as to why the line:
    message[i-3] = incoming_data
    has ‘i-3’. It seems to me that this will make the first iterations go out of bounds of the message vector.
    What was the idea behind this?

  • Hi
    quick question: once I connect the Wifly to the Arduino, should I get any led to turn on?
    I’m wondering this because I try to connect using the code avaliable in the tutorial, and I get the message:
    “Could not initialize bridge, locking up."
    I have no idea what to do?
    Any help?

  • Hi guys
    Can someone tell me if this sensor can measure the proximity of a person through a glass window? thanks

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