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  • Has anyone followed the instruction and installed a 680uF capacitor on Arduino? Will that inrush of current drop your Arduino out of the USB?

  • suicide cord, yeah!

  • Is an interrupt pin required? The sample code defined an intPin but didn't really use it. I couldn't find anywhere in the library code that uses interrupt either.

  • I have a question regarding the yaw angle. According to wikipedia, turning the nose to the right is positive yaw. According to the sparkfun tutorial, this seems to be the opposite. The mag. declination angle (east of true north being positive) is subtracted from myIMU.yaw (line 391). This means that if your device points 8.5 degrees east of true north, your magnetometer will show zero and you end up getting -8.5 degrees after the subtraction. Can someone explain the difference? Thanks.

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aircraft_principal_axes https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/mpu-9250-hookup-guide?_ga=2.41541028.747198559.1526401852-836860115.1440527768

  • They have no parking lot or AC and only south-facing windows. Summer is hot, in case people that don't live in Minnesota think it's not! The only way I can think of that works is for me to be dropped off at the store and the wife to take our son to the CVS on the same block.

  • This is a good point. Maybe when used on a breadboard, due to high contact capacitance it would work but what if you solder it to a board?

  • Does this sparkfun FreqCtrl library part match the resonator?


    I measured the dimensions of the pads and they seem to fit the spec sheet's land patterns. Just trying to confirm with the pros. Thanks.

  • To complicate the things even more, the sparkfun GPS shield has NO logic level converter for its RX. It's connected directly to arduino pins. You may have to cut a trace.

  • There is no logic level converter on this shield. The EM-506 module uses 3.3V logic:

    "I/O High Level Input Voltage VI H 1.26 __ 3.6 V"

    Also, there is mixed information about EM-406 and EM-506. So do they use the same connectors? SPE used to sell connectors for EM-406A. I still have a couple of them.

  • Be very careful buying this module. It doesn't have the server capability yet. Firmware screws up when you try to use it as a server. Client side is fine. It's a module intended to replace wired serial port, not a full-featured wifi module that you would expect. This is what all xbee modules are intended to do.

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