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  • Product WRL-08687 | yesterday

    Can you make it slightly longer? Just get yourself an XBee wifi and find out how much longer. This current design makes the USB-mini connector butt against the wifi module. I can’t insert all pins of the XBee wifi into the headers.

  • Product DEV-11897 | about 3 days ago

    Typical SPE design: headers are used upside down and right side up or whichever is the default way they found them. All digital pins and power row are from pins1 - pinx and then analog pins are from pin 6 - pin 1. Same for SPE MEGA proto shields. I made the mistake of using it as a template for my design. At least one of the headers was upside down. Made some coasters.

  • Product PRT-12753 | about 3 days ago

    Need an EAGLE part lib for this one, SPE. I design a lot of data logging systems and this could be useful. Same for BTD.

  • Product TOL-07925 | about 6 days ago

    Is this for something like ATMEGA2560 in TQFP package? What about ATMEGA328P-AU? Any nozzles for those chips?

  • Product DEV-11851 | last year

    Get an LCD module for front panel stuff. This shield or most other lcd shields are NOT designed to be mounted on a front panel.

  • Product DEV-11851 | last year

    I wouldn’t bother. Arduino wifi shield has an antenna made of copper trace on the board, which is pretty weak. I don’t want to put anything above it. To answer your question, no pin 7 is used on both shields. I would do a serial lcd with keypad instead. The one that Liudr makes is the best ;) This shield is simply a recast of sansmart or other lcd shields that have been around for a long time. Nothing interesting. My own shield comes with lots of libraries and full project codes btw. Interestingly sparkfun is not interested in selling any of my designs. Good for me.

  • Product DEV-11287 | last year

    pylon on arduino forum has traced this to a 100 byte buffer in firmware. There will be no benefit upgrading firmware. You are better off now.

  • Product DEV-11287 | last year

    I am having trouble sending long messages with client.print() I can send short messages around 90-100 bytes at a time but not longer than that. Here is some discussion on Arduino forum:


  • Product DEV-11287 | last year

    Technically yes but practically no. Just because a piece of hardware has certain function (such as wifi in the USB dongle) doesn’t mean whatever connects to it knows how to utilize it. The Arduino needs a device driver for every USB device connected to the host shield. I simply don’t see device manufacturers very motivated to write device drivers for Arduinos. Arduino is like a child, with nothing in the mind, and you are handing the child a unified field theory book written in English as an alien. You think the earth child can read English and thus understand the theory?!

  • Product DEV-11287 | last year

    It has an integrated antenna so answer is no, it doesn’t need an external antenna.

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