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  • This is a good point. Maybe when used on a breadboard, due to high contact capacitance it would work but what if you solder it to a board?

  • Does this sparkfun FreqCtrl library part match the resonator?


    I measured the dimensions of the pads and they seem to fit the spec sheet’s land patterns. Just trying to confirm with the pros. Thanks.

  • To complicate the things even more, the sparkfun GPS shield has NO logic level converter for its RX. It’s connected directly to arduino pins. You may have to cut a trace.

  • There is no logic level converter on this shield. The EM-506 module uses 3.3V logic:

    “I/O High Level Input Voltage VI H 1.26 __ 3.6 V”

    Also, there is mixed information about EM-406 and EM-506. So do they use the same connectors? SPE used to sell connectors for EM-406A. I still have a couple of them.

  • Be very careful buying this module. It doesn’t have the server capability yet. Firmware screws up when you try to use it as a server. Client side is fine. It’s a module intended to replace wired serial port, not a full-featured wifi module that you would expect. This is what all xbee modules are intended to do.

  • OK thanks. The IC package is rather small. I’m looking for parts for my own board design. I can hand solder 44 pin tqfp. Never tried SSOP. Do you think I can do this by hand? You have breakout board I can grab?

  • Good intention and I think it will work very nicely. But, why would someone need 900MHz bandwidth USB 2.0 data switch on this board that does 115200 as “maximal” speed? I’m considering a switch for my board but can’t understand of the choice of TS3USB221A. Care to explain? Thanks.

  • Wow, series 1? Can you do at least series 2 modules instead?

  • What about digi’s xbee wifi modules? Do their bulky under belly fit? The previous version does not. The mini USB connector is in the way.

  • Can you make it slightly longer? Just get yourself an XBee wifi and find out how much longer. This current design makes the USB-mini connector butt against the wifi module. I can’t insert all pins of the XBee wifi into the headers.

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