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  • Whats the maximum current output from these ? About 60mA?

    We want to use these to drive relays

  • Great tutorial!

    Few python libraries for mapping basemap from matplotlib which can be used with google maps , yahoo etc

    Also which uses openstreetmap (commandline tool) for gps maps.

  • Use a max232 or st232. Need a max232 + 5 0.1uF caps at each end.
    No problems with 9600 or 115200.
    Work fine with most micros that run at 5v and have 5v io or via a level shifter for boards like gumstix overo, beagleboard or anything else that uses 1.8V or 3.3V io.
    For a level shifter
    just note the 10k pull ups on the output of the tx on the high side.

  • Only problem is the small servo you recommend doesn't come with the disc only horns.
    The servo you show in the picture above isn't the one you recommend ?

  • is it possible to solder to them or solder the conductive thread once stitched on ?
    Want to try and use them in a wind tunnel to illuminate a model
    by sticking them to lexan/perplex sheets that act as the tunnel windows.

  • decoupling cap(filter any noise on VCC to gnd)

  • How about talking to pixelqi ?
    Their displays like the one in the OLPC are awesome!!!
    They are talking about designing a $100 hdtv.
    Start selling their screens and sign me up for two please.
    Think 10" , readable in full sun , downmode LC , full colour, normal LCD, or a black and white e-ink-like display at the flick of a switch. One of these plus beagle board or gumstix overo would make an awesome portable.
    And why don't you guys resell gumstix while your at it ?
    When can I get a developer Kit for your 10" screen, or even just see a demo of it?
    Developer kits have been shipping since early summer 2009. Please contact for more information

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