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  • Here’s a picture - http://www.janspace.com/b2evolution/blogs/media/Arduino/CELL-1.jpg
    Hope you can see it well enough. The center signal wire is soldered to the small pad in the corner, and the shield is soldered to the larger L shaped pad. Might want to use a DVM to ensure they’re not shorted together and that they make it to the connector end ok. Also make sure you have an antenna (CEL-00675) attached to the connector.
    Other than that, if you have a valid SIM card and it’s set to use the proper band, should be good to go.

  • The antenna connection looked a little ratty so I removed it, cleaned up the contacts, re-stripped the wires, soldered it back on. Immediately got ‘11’ instead of ‘8’ when powered up.
    Then found the Arduino serial monitor does not send a carriage return. Modified the example as follows:
    if( Serial.available( ) > 0)
    incoming_char = Serial.read( ); // Get the character coming from the terminal
    if( incoming_char == ‘~’ ) // If it’s a tilde…
    incoming_char = 0x0D; // …convert to a carriage return
    else if( incoming_char == ‘^’ ) // If it’s an up caret…
    incoming_char = 0x1A; // …convert to ctrl-Z
    cell.print( incoming_char ); // Send the character to the cellular module.
    Serial.print( incoming_char ); // Echo it back to the terminal
    Swaps a tilde coming in from Arduino for a carriage return, and swaps an up caret for ctrl-Z. Also echos the characters back to the serial monitor.
    Works perfectly - I can make calls and send text msgs with no problem. Hope this helps.

  • …stripped out some of my post above. Referring to termination with a “carriage return”.

  • I’m also having this problem. Sent AT+SBAND=7 to set the GSM bands for the US, still no change.
    The comment in the example sketch says…“*Unless otherwise noted AT commands are ended by pressing the ‘enter’ key.” I assume this means that the AT commands are terminated by a . Does hitting the enter key in the Send box of the Arduino Serial Monitor append a to the entry?
    Seems a lot are seeing this problem…it’s just a very expensive coaster right now. Anybody have any suggestions? Sparkfun? Mr. Owens?

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