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  • Do you know how happy Riley will be that someone thought he was funny?

  • They aren't SFE gear, there from the equally impressive electronics shop That is my basement. They are garage door safety sensors. They are 12v but switch to ground.

  • Can someone tell me if this camera can see a laser pointer? Do I need an IR laser? I read in the comments on the "laser card" that removing it IR filter was dangerous? Is this true?

  • I just bought one of these and when I attached it to a 13.2v battery and 2 350ma motors. The trace from the positive VIN header(-screw terminal) to the Via got fried. the battery may have been reverse voltage, would that make sense? also I like the screw terminals so much that I want to solder a jumper from the side header VIN to the screw terminal. will that work?