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  • Another thing that concerns me a little -
    Do the people who manufacture this device for you not know that the 32,768 Hz watch crystal is very prone to damage when case is soldered in the way shown in your photos? The 'crystal' name given is a misnomer because what is inside the case is a very precisely dimensioned MYLAR (plastic) tuning fork style of resonator. Excessive heat on the case can cause the innards to literally 'curl-up' and die!

  • You offer convenient and straight-forward information for devices such as these. However one thing DIFFICULT to locate (if it exists) is simple (dimensioned) mechanical drawings that allow us to better interpret what is actually being bought.
    I am using this radio device for first time on behalf of friend who has purchased one from you. I have completed most of the software and cooking up a layout as well - all with the device sight-unseen.
    Can such a drawing be found on your site for this product (breakout version).
    Yours sincerely,

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