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  • Also, for an inexpensive handheld scope, this looks to be one of the best available:


  • Joe... the QA100 looks awesome, thanks for the link! I have been tempted by the DSO quad, but it just seems to good to be true. I regularly need to measure analogue signals of about 4MHz, and am doubtful that the DSO could manage that... so my only question is do you really get 25MHz bandwidth? If so this seems to be the perfect scope for me. The only thing that's slightly disappointing is the windows only software! Thanks!

  • I think the datasheet is implying on page 22 that there are two versions of this display available; white on black, and black on white. By the looks of things, sparkfun are selling only the white on black version.
    Having said that, it's hard to be sure as they don't have a different part number, and the data sheet is in some kind of chinglish-alike language (did anyone else spot the "back grand" instead of background typo?)

  • BTW: Got a reply over email about this... it is a 7 pin interface (datasheets are updated). Other pins can be accessed by soldering tiny wires...

  • Any idea when these will be back in stock?

  • I just ordered 2 of these... but am I about to regret it? The data sheet shows an 11 pin interface that gives access to the PRU pin. Above it talks about a 7 pin interface. So which is is it? If I can't access the PRU pin I probably need to cancel my order!

  • I found two: go to farnell and search for "433mhz ceramic antenna".

  • I just bought one of these and completely forgot about aerials... does anyone know of a suitable chip antennae?

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