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  • You first need to find voltage across Thermistor at particular temperature than you can find the Resistance of thermistor using Voltage divider equation: Rt = R (Vin/Vout) – 1 Then after getting the resistance value at that particular temperature we can get the temperature in kelvin using the below Stein-Hart equation: T = 1 / (A + Bln(Rt) + Cln (Rt)ln (Rt)ln (Rt) ) where A, B, C are constants whose value, you can find in datasheets of Thermistor or you can derive these value by taking three different resistance value at three different temperature. using this calculator: http://www.thinksrs.com/downloads/programs/Therm%20Calc/NTCCalibrator/NTCcalculator.htm

    This all will be possible with Arduino to get Temperature in degrees with thermistor: Source: https://circuitdigest.com/microcontroller-projects/arduino-thermistor-interfacing-code-circuit

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