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  • AFAIK The difference in power entering and leaving these things is dissipated as heat. Most of these things can only dissipate so much (7805A maxes out at 2.7W) Which means that although you can feed them 25V, you limit the current you can pass through unless you've got some wacky cooling.

  • ooooh, optical theremin?

  • n/m about the 24v through the relay... misread the manual. Still hope to find the answer to the inductive vs resistive load.

  • Can I run 24V 0.5A through the relay circuit? The manual seems to limit it to 9V, but the features above state 24V. I'd also like to use that 24V to drive a moderate torque motor, is the 5A rating enough to compensate for the inductive load?

  • Anyone got advice on controlling multiple HD44780 LCDs with a single backpack? New to micros, can I just independently wire up the enable and add all the LCDS to a single "bus"?

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