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  • I've done 0.5mm QFPs and 0603 level work with a 30W laser cutting 4mil PET film (McMaster #8567K42) it cuts easily is rather dimensionally stable, cleans well with isopropyl alcohol and is nice and cheap (that number is 40" x 120" for $18). Just experiment a bit when you get it to dial in the cutting speed and power. Too much power or too slow will melt it around the edges of the hole, too low a power will just etch it.

  • Any chance at some sort of Engineering drawing so we don't have to try reverse engineering it? Even actual dimensions and hole spacing would be nice.

  • I wonder if Stompy will be done in time. Some simple autonomy software (GPS + 9dof for waypoints) would make that an interesting if deadly entry. I wonder if the waypoint hoops would still work for something >3m tall and >5m wide.

  • Did you at least inform the 20 people whose data you divulged?

    Also is there some request process to remove all my information from your systems?

  • Does anyone know what the 41 characters are limited to? Is it ASCII-7? Any 328 bits? Anything that could pass off as UTF-16?

  • As the switching element is a triac (two thyristors back to back) it would only be able to turn on a DC load, not turn it off.

  • I haven't tried it (only have an N900) but cups runs in a debian chroot just fine.

  • Where'd you get these? If it were a micro-b plug on the small end this would be perfect for using with my N900 for printing and the like.

  • Any chance of a 14 x something version? I see a ultra-low-power HP-41-compatible calculator watch in my future.

  • You guys should post the quiz so we can play with it when the servers are actually accessible. Great job on making this free day more interesting than last year (even though I didn't get anything).