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  • Hi, i am a gas station owner in florida and i have been hit 3 times already. The local cops just come and take the skimmers and nobody gets caught, we never hear from them again. Im tired of this already. I have scanned my pumps and found one thats broadcasting its name as linvor. I did a google search and found out its a HC-06 which is basically a skimmer. I am not going to take it off yet, i wanna catch these crooks once and for all. My question is, after connecting to it with an android or even a laptop, how can i retrieve the credit card numbers. Im doing this so i can identify my customers and tell them to ask their banks to do an investigation and hopefully get a picture of one of the guys taking out money from the ATM, so i can spot them next time they come to harvest their numbers. If you do not want to say it here in public, you can email me (richardspade999@gmail.com). Thank You!

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