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  • Does "no on-site sales" = no local pickup for orders placed online?

  • Thank you, very helpful tips!

  • This thing is pretty cool, but the basic readings example had some problems compiling.. Tied this to the microOLED and a Blackboard via QWIIC connectors (big fan of that idea), took a bit of screwing around with the code, but was able to get a nice realtime readout in both F and C. I am a beginner to this environment so if this is common sense to someone with some experience I apologize but figured it might save others a little hair pulling.

    I was getting the error below compiling the examples in the web editor, switched to the IDE and it went away, " /home/builder/opt/libraries/latest/sparkfun_high_precision_temperature_sensor_tmp117_qwiic_1_0_0/src/SparkFun_TMP117.cpp:36:39: fatal error: Sparkfun_TMP117_Registers.h: No such file or directory

    I also got errors about some invalid conversion, commented out the section that says it is for development only and those went away..

    The compiler also didn't like lines below, but i ended up just removing them anyway since i was printing to an OLED - just leaving the float sensor.read statements and printing tempF and tempC in a loop worked fine.

    Serial.print("Temperature in Fahrenheit: %d", sensor.readTempF());
  • Nice little screen, colors are sharp and bright.

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