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  • nope. but it would have been quite ironic if it was :)

  • they are in our pockets! We were able to keep the electronic pretty small. The wires driving the lights are on the inside of the costumes and the battery, wireless, and arduino mini are all tucked away nicely in each of our right pockets.

  • Hi Pullcreative! I did loved the jump suit. But sadly finding a yellow one is really hard and we couldn’t find any in my size. Also I’m much shorter than Nate, so I needed something that would go down to my knees so that I could fit all the lights.

  • This board works great when creating projects with 5mm LEDs. I made a tutu with green LEDs sewn in using this and the LED PCB set (http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=10071). It was super easy and the boards were so tiny that it was easily hidden under the tulle.

  • this is the power board that I was talking about.
    It has an on/off switch, lithium battery connection, and through-hole spot for a resistor. it’s super tiny which makes it great for sequences of 5mm LEDS. I’ve used this set up with both wires and conductive thread, and it works great!

  • 1/2in tube is pretty small, but the electronics should all fit. Personally, I find that batteries are still really big and bulky, even the lithium rechargables. For a previous project that I worked on, I strung two lithiums together to get a 7.4V power supply. I needed the project to run for a few hours, so I used the 1000 mAh but I’m pretty sure they are more than 1/2in wide.
    I’m still talking to the sparkfun gods to see when more of these pcbs will be in and also where they are at with the simple power board. But, good luck with you’re project! And let me know if you figure it out.

  • There is no resistor set up on these boards. I protyped these guys for a project I’m working on that needed super bright LEDS sewn in.
    A bunch of folks have just been twisting the legs on standard 5mm LEDs to get brighter lights on their projects. The problem with twisting the LED legs is that they tend to break at the stem and short your project. So this board allows you to solder LEDs onto sewable boards and not worry about breaking/shorting.
    As far as the resistor goes, there is a simple power board that I also developed that has an on/off switch, lithium battery connector, and a slot for a resistor. It’s in the protyping phase, but it works perfect with these 5mm LED boards.

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