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  • You can interface an HD44780 display with only 6 pins (4 data, CE and RS)

  • There are a few of changes I’d like to see.

    VBATT should be available as a pin, both for powering something directly from the battery and for battery monitoring. There is a pad for it but the connection is rather hard to solder to as the hole is capped by the JST connector.

    The STAT signal should be broken out for monitoring by a CPU.

    I would eliminate the resistor pullups on EN and PS and add a solder jumper from EN to VBATT and another jumper from PS to VBATT or GND. To use either the (dis-)enable or power saving feature, the resistors draw 370 uA each when you ground one of those pins. This greatly overshadows the 55 uA quiescent current.

    Otherwise a nice, useful part

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