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  • This is based off a design from a blog called arms22, but he based his basic design off a book "iPhone Hacks" http://oreilly.com/catalog/9780596516642 Chapter 12 Hardware Hacks section titled "Connect a Serial Device to Your iPhone—Without Jailbreaking!" Although they based theirs was targeting a different microcontroller, arms22 made a library for the arduino called SoftModem that lets you interface from the arduino instead of the microcontroller the book used.

  • I built one of these in January based off the schematics I found on the arms22 blog http://arms22.blog91.fc2.com/blog-entry-350.html and it works fine. One thing to note though, the version of the library I found in his google code repository http://code.google.com/p/arms22/ only works with the Arduino's that have an ATmega328. I could not get the library to function properly with my Arduino Mega, but I did get it to function properly with an Arduino Fio. It has to do with the specific interrupts the library uses. I see no reason it couldn't be made to work with the Mega, but at this point, it only works out of the box with the arduino's using an ATmega328. If anyone has any updates to this let me know, it would be nice to use this with a Mega as well.
    I am also working on an iPhone app for a school project that uses a XBee network for communication. Hence why I am using a Fio. https://github.com/ashgti/Sys-Engineering is where I am keeping my code.

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