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  • Label the axes please other it's just annoying.

  • Ok so for a 1920x1080 TV using this we would need an array of 240x135 which would mean buying 32,400.
    So a 1920x1080 @ 15Hz with 8-bit colour should cost £1,193,292.00 to build the display part not even the digital decoder stuff. I think Sony and the other guys have done well to make then for £200 with 100Hz :D

  • Sparkfun library SMA SMD

  • I've done designs from scratch without difficulty thanks to your tutorials but am working on some designs that are not just slightly more complex. One design doesn't get passed 50.8% autorouted and then it looks like garbage so I want to hand route it.
    You have no tutorial to even start this subject and BatchPCB (where I get my boards done) sends me back here. Laying out using your tutorials then means my traces are 0.1" aligned so cannot touch almost all of my traces.
    Help is greatly desired or at least a web link to somewhere I can get more info. Thanks

  • I spent the day refreshing and answered questions correctly but the server was fried almost all the time but nevermind.
    Yes receptionist is cute.
    How many takes did it take for freeday box man to do the jump thumbs up without falling over?

  • SFE Library number?

  • My summary of Freeday 2011
    15 minute reminder set to get me to a computer so I can dedicate myself to the event. Over the next two hours my refresh button was bashed so many times I had to change keyboards. I received a blank page god knows how often, a html version of sparkfun (presumably the page didn't load properly) four times, the login page nine times (I logged in once), and took the same first question 3 times (without it being stored). I received 14 "broke" messages over the course of the two hours which means the server was up long enough to know something broke.
    All in all, Freeday has been the worst expereince with Sparkfun I've had by a long way. In my buying time you have been simply epic without refrain or constraint. Freeday for me utterly pointless. Here's hoping you have more bandwidth next year :)

  • Wishlist FTW

  • I've built two different lidar setups but they run on my desktop. Wanting to add it to my UAV embedded porting is my goal. I need a camera with a high FPS (20+) to get the data needed for "realtime" scanning.
    Any more info on what can be done with this?

  • Any chance this could be used to connect a USB webcam to UART? Obviously with a large amount of coding

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