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  • I'm planning to power this with 2 coin cell batteries in series. I'm wondering if I have to disconnect the USB while the batteries are connected. From the Schematic it looks like the Diode would protect the USB line. That being said, even when connected to USB it would use battery power as the 6V is greater than the 4.5-5 that the USB would supply. Is this correct? Maybe I should install a switch instead?

  • Hi all. The lack of this product is going to make it difficult for hobbyists who wish to communicate using the ANT+ protocol. There is an alternative, but it requires more work. ANTAP281M4IB and ANTAP281M5IB Modules are FCC and CE compliant but require a little more work to connect. They have SMD? style board mounts.

    I've recently had to switch back to the ANTAP281M4IB module hand soldered wires from the surface mounts to protoboard. It works as a drop in replacement for this if you tie certain pins high and low. I'll be putting something on my blog tonight or tomorrow.

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