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  • have you considered the fact that the board has to be designed, time has to be spent, its not just 12$ for the chip, it also price for design, for assembly, for soldring equipment, energy, + risk amount from failed parts, from the parts returned.

  • If this paste can really hold good under 40C then it is a great deal, and the price is great for 50g of such paste.

  • I absolutely see NO reason in buying such 2 layer board with FPGA for 100$!! When u can add 50$ and buy good quality Spartan3E from digilentinc... OR.. if u dont have much money, but want to start tinkering with FPGA, here is the thing for starters:
    USB FPGA module.. from Altera, for 50$ only, with good signal quality :) Sparkfun: It would be much better to see something more original, or at least something what would really make a good deal! What about 4 layer FPGA + Wi-Fi? or something like that? for reasonable price of course.. then it would be completely different! and worth the money!

  • oh i didnt even look at it, its 2 layer.. but dont c a reason in it then. would be much better to have something like this with at least 4 layers.

  • is this a 4-Layer? Or 2-Layer board? if its 2 layer then signal quality for sure not gona be good.

  • Ok i have ordered this part from digi-key:
    and it is exactly same socket, and fits the model of SFE sparkfun library.
    to solder it, apply liquid flux on a board, and on the pins of the socket. then just put it, and try to put ur iron under the metal cap...simple iron can do this easily, no need for fine point or anything extra.

  • Ok here is a link to DigiKey:
    For some reason SparkFun doesnt indicate who is the manufacturer of the part (i didnt find it). and on digikey that part costs 1.66$ what is twice cheaper than here...
    the part looks almost same, i guess its the correct replacement. im ordering it.

  • You guys did horrible job!! damn! of cuz it was my fault that i just copied design blindly....but the biggest thing which sucks is that even after those comments u did not fix the eagle schematics on ur website... and of cuz its my fault that i did just copy and didnt check thoroughly...

  • i have UBW32 board, it has same type of part,(im not sure is it exactly LM1117 or not) but sot223..i measured now voltage on tab and on middle out leg, they were same....and on the schematic of UBW32 tab is not connected anywhere...so i guess ur fine

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