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  • Congratulation, Nate!

  • I have measured the signal strength with Android apps. It showed Bluetooth Mate Gold has much better strength (-23dBm vs -74dBm). without antenna, it dropped another 10dBm.

  • @Kevin Y. : i used 2.4GHz Duck Antenna RP-SMA (WRL-00145) recommended below.

  • @renechawy : I believe u still can use serial port and you can reset the unit or change PIN. let me know if u need more help

  • Thanks for your reply, Kevin Y. I am trying to connect this bluetooth from my mobile phone. The distance is about 10 to 20 feet roughly (basically to control things from my living room to my room). I intend to use with door closed (out-of-sight) but when I do testing, it won't work with more than 2m line-of-sight. So, I am puzzled it is due to my mobile phone or the unit.

  • btw, well done, Hugo. you did a great job. you have been busy answering all questions for it.

  • comparing Cortex-M3+wifi($30) and breakout board ($20) will make anyone think twice. may b Sparkfun compared it to SD-MMC breakout ($10). So, the price seems reasonable as it add up a few components but I am more tempted to buy 1 more imp instead of breakout board. has anyone tried before without breakout board?


  • Hi,

    I couldn't use this unit for more than 1 m of line-of-sight even with recommended antenna. Does it anything wrong with my set up?

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  • Hi,

    Is it possible to connect two of these units like transceiver? How would those paring could be done?



  • ok..solved. you need to connect all pins of FTDI Basic board and openLog. Not just TX/RX/5V/GND won't be able to download.
    Under this topic
    How do I attach a FTDI Basic board to OpenLog for configuring and bootloading?

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