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  • @NOTgate: You seem knowledgeable, so do you know where (I’m inside the US) I can find something like the module on dealextreme for the same price or less. I need something that works at around 5V. Also it should be capable of 100 mW. Its ok if I have to mod it to do that, when I said household I meant solar eclipse glasses (which block all near visible light, including IR and UV), in fact it is favorable if it is cheaper to do so. I need it mainly for the burning power. It will be turned on and off, being on for no more than 10 seconds. Lastly, cost constraints are present. I am $40 over budget (out of $120)so the cheaper the better, and if it is available on a site that offers electronic items like sparkfun or pololu that would be good (shipping costs come into play). Lastly, if I mod a laser when will I need a heat sink, for what, and of what type. If you answer I am greatly indebted to you, so thanks.

  • Can you modify the potentiometer and/or overall output on this thing and if so, how? If not what cheap laser module can I use to achieve these powers, and where can I get it (preferably a site with other electronics like sensors and stuff)
    @ NOTgate: - I need a CHEAP laser for a project I am over budget and I cannot afford a 100mW module.
    - It does not need to last long, an hour of lifetime would be more than enough, but it needs to emit (infared included)approx 100 mW.
    - I AM USING GOGGLES (clarification on what type of household material to use would be appreciated, though).

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