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  • Does sparkfun plan to have any boards supporting both source and sink (i.e. Dual Role)? I'm looking for something like this (https://www.onsemi.com/pub/Collateral/EVBUM2559-D.PDF) but more compact.

  • !WARNING! It appears there is no over-discharge protection, or at least it is faulty on my boards, and I can't find any such documentation that it exists. The power LED on the BB shuts off when the battery goes below 2.4 V or so, but it was still draining at low current to the attached load when checked with a multimeter. I spotted this after the voltage had dropped to 1.8V on my 3.7 V LiPo! This can be quite dangerous! The simple TP4056 modules even have this feature (tested at 0.000 mA when I swapped it for the BB). I think this is very dangerous to advertise this the way it is, i.e. "handles everything related to battery charging". Maybe I misinterpreted this, but I think a lot of people are going to ruin their cells, if not worse with this lacking key battery management feature.

  • It varies quite a bit with the load and battery/input voltage conditions. Under high load and fully charged battery and wall supply, I've seen dips down to 2.2V at the output. I had a voltage regulator on the output that could handle down to 2.8V, and was unpleasantly surprised that the output voltage was not above the quoted 3.0V minimum. If you need a stead voltage at the output, make sure your boost converter can handle VERY low voltages (at least down to 2V if not lower).

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